TSLA | 08 May 2024 | AI Stock Analysis & News

Tesla Inc. faces challenges with a scrapped low-cost EV project, impacting its stock price.

Stock AI’s forecasts:
🔴 -5.4% short-term ⬇️
🟢 +1.9% long-term ⬆️

Stock AI’s (TSLA) Forecast get (+21.7% Profit)

StockAI’s analysis delivers real-world results. On 11 March 2024, $TSLA ($179.1), StockAI predicted a long-term 🔴 sell signal. It was accurate: 1 month later price dropped to $140.2 (🔴-21.7%). Selling TSLA on this signal yielded a +21.7% profit 💰💰.

TSLA-Tesla, Inc. News

🟢 Tesla is still focused on a lower-cost car, but UBS thinks many aspects are still in flux.
🔴 Tesla’s internship offer withdrawals leave students in limbo, scrambling for alternatives.
🟢 Tesla invites Warren Buffett to invest, causing stock price surge.
🔴 Tesla shares end the week down over 6% after rumors of scrapped low-cost EV project.
🟢 Tesla’s stock price rose 2% after Deutsche Bank raised their price target to $136.00.
🔴 Tesla’s price target cut by Truist Financial from $176.00 to $162.00.

Tesla’s stock has been experiencing volatility due to various news events. The positive news, such as inviting Warren Buffett to invest and the raised price target by Deutsche Bank, has led to stock price increases. On the other hand, negative news like the scrapped low-cost EV project rumors and the price target cuts have caused stock price declines. Investors should closely monitor these developments as they can have a significant impact on Tesla’s stock price in the short and long term. The overall sentiment seems to be mixed, with both positive and negative news affecting the stock price.

TSLA-Tesla, Inc. Analyst Ratings

In recent analyst ratings for Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock, the following changes have been noted:

📉 Barclays reduced their price target on TSLA stock from $225.00 to $180.00.
📉 The Goldman Sachs Group lowered their target price on TSLA stock from $190.00 to $175.00.
📈 Piper Sandler decreased their price target on TSLA stock from $225.00 to $205.00.

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