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Delta Air Lines Inc (NYSE:DAL) saw insider selling and an increase in call options trading, impacting its stock price.

🔴 Short-term Forecast: (-6.9%)
🔴 Long-term Forecast: (-3.8%)

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DAL-Delta Air Lines, Inc. News

🔴 Delta Air Lines EVP sells $2.5 million in stock. 🔴 Delta Air Lines issues FY24 earnings guidance of $6.00-7.00 per share. 🔴 Delta Air Lines updates Q2 2024 earnings guidance to $2.20-2.50 per share. 🔴 Delta Air Lines director acquires 10,000 shares of stock. 🔴 Zacks Research raises Q2 2024 earnings per share estimates for Delta Air Lines. 🔴 Delta Air Lines stock price reaches new 52-week high following dividend announcement.

Delta Air Lines stock has seen a series of significant events recently, ranging from insider selling to earnings guidance updates. The EVP selling $2.5 million in stock may signal lack of confidence in the company’s future performance. However, the company’s earnings guidance of $6.00-7.00 per share for FY24 and updated Q2 2024 earnings guidance to $2.20-2.50 per share could indicate positive outlook for the company’s financial health. The director acquiring 10,000 shares of stock may show belief in the company’s potential growth. Additionally, Zacks Research raising Q2 2024 earnings per share estimates for Delta Air Lines could attract more investors to the stock. The stock price reaching a new 52-week high following a dividend announcement may also reflect positive sentiment among investors. Overall, these recent news events could have a mixed impact on Delta Air Lines stock price, with some indicating potential for growth and others suggesting caution.

DAL-Delta Air Lines, Inc. Analyst Ratings

In recent analyst ratings for Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) stock, there have been some notable changes:

📉 Zacks Research reduced their Q3 2024 earnings estimates for Delta Air Lines in a research note issued on Tuesday, April 9th.

📈 Argus raised their price target for Delta Air Lines stock from $47.00 to $60.00 in a research note released on Tuesday morning.

📈 Susquehanna increased their price objective for Delta Air Lines from $47.00 to $54.00 in a research note issued on Tuesday morning.

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