LLY – 22 April 2024 – AI Stock Analysis & News

Eli Lilly and Company’s stock price may be impacted by a raised price target from Goldman Sachs.

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LLY-Eli Lilly and Company News

🟢 Eli Lilly and Company had its price target raised by The Goldman Sachs Group, signaling positive outlook.
🔴 Shares of Eli Lilly and Company were down 0.8% during mid-day trading, showing a slight decrease in price.
🟢 Cantor Fitzgerald reaffirmed an “overweight” rating on Eli Lilly and Company stock, indicating confidence in its performance.
🔴 Ritholtz Wealth Management reduced its position in Eli Lilly and Company, potentially impacting the stock price negatively.
🟢 Citigroup raised its price target on Eli Lilly and Company, suggesting potential for price increase.
🟢 Zacks Research increased their earnings estimates for Eli Lilly and Company, indicating positive financial performance ahead.

Eli Lilly and Company’s recent news has been a mix of positive and negative developments, influencing the stock price. The raised price target from The Goldman Sachs Group and reaffirmed “overweight” rating from Cantor Fitzgerald are positive indicators for the stock. However, the decrease in shares during mid-day trading and reduction in position by Ritholtz Wealth Management may have a slight negative impact on the price. The increased price target by Citigroup and raised earnings estimates by Zacks Research are further positive signs for investors. Overall, the stock seems to have a stable outlook with potential for growth in the long term.

LLY-Eli Lilly and Company Analyst Ratings

Here are some recent analyst ratings for Eli Lilly and Company stock:

📈 The Goldman Sachs Group raised their price objective from $650.00 to $723.00 and maintained a neutral rating on the stock.

📉 Cantor Fitzgerald reaffirmed their overweight rating on the stock but lowered their price target to $815.00.

📈 Citigroup increased their price target from $675.00 to $895.00 and maintained a buy rating on the stock.

1. Eli Lilly and Company Price Target Raised
2. Cantor Fitzgerald Reiterates Overweight Rating
3. Citigroup Increases Price Target


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