D – Dominion Energy, Inc. Stock Analysis & News (2024-03-20)

Dominion Energy, Inc. (D) has been showing positive trends in recent weeks. The current price of D is $47.4, with a weekly forecast of +1.4% and a monthly forecast of +5.0%.

Stock AI forecasts:
– Monthly: 🟢 +5.0%
– Weekly: 🟢 +1.4%

In recent news, Dominion Energy has announced its quarterly earnings results are scheduled to be released on February 22nd. Analysts are expecting positive earnings for the company. This news could impact the stock price positively as investors anticipate strong financial performance from Dominion Energy.

Additionally, there have been several changes in institutional holdings of Dominion Energy stock. Fmr LLC lowered its stake in the company by 9.1% during the third quarter, while Envestnet Asset Management Inc. raised its stake by 41.6%. Quadrature Capital Ltd also bought a new position in Dominion Energy during the third quarter. These changes in institutional holdings could have mixed effects on the stock price, depending on investor sentiment.

Guggenheim recently decreased the target price for Dominion Energy from $57.00 to $52.00. However, Ameriprise Financial Inc. reduced its holdings in the company by 9.4% during the third quarter. Morgan Stanley, on the other hand, raised its position in Dominion Energy by 12.8%. These conflicting actions by analysts and institutional investors could create volatility in the stock price.

Scotiabank also lowered Dominion Energy’s target price from $50.00 to $49.00, while Raleigh Capital Management Inc. increased its stake in the company by 10.0% in the third quarter. Wesbanco Bank Inc. decreased its stake by 26.7% during the same period. These mixed signals from analysts and institutions could cause fluctuations in the stock price in the short term.

Overall, the recent news surrounding Dominion Energy, Inc. indicates a mix of positive and negative factors that could impact the stock price in the coming weeks. Investors should closely monitor earnings results and any further updates from analysts and institutional investors to make informed decisions about their investments in D.

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