TSLA | 10 May 2024 | AI Stock Analysis & News

Tesla is facing uncertainty with a lower-cost car project, causing its stock price to drop.

Stock AI’s forecasts:
🔴 -5.4% short-term
🟢 +1.9% long-term

Stock AI’s (TSLA) Forecast get (+21.7% Profit)

StockAI’s analysis delivers real-world results. On 11 March 2024, $TSLA ($179.1), StockAI predicted a long-term 🔴 sell signal. It was accurate: 1 month later price dropped to $140.2 (🔴-21.7%). Selling TSLA on this signal yielded a +21.7% profit 💰💰.

TSLA-Tesla, Inc. News

🟢 Tesla is still focused on a lower-cost car, but UBS thinks many aspects are “still in flux.”
🔴 Tesla’s abrupt internship offer withdrawals have left students scrambling for alternatives.
🟢 Multi-billionaire Elon Musk invites Warren Buffett to invest in Tesla, leading to a surge in stock price.
🔴 Tesla’s stock price fell over 6% after rumors of a scrapped low-cost EV project.
🟢 Wedbush reiterates their outperform rating on Tesla with a $300 price target.
🔴 Deutsche Bank cuts their price target on Tesla from $123 to $136.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) has been in the news lately with a mix of positive and negative developments impacting its stock price. The company’s focus on a lower-cost car and the potential entry into the Indian market have been viewed positively, leading to an increase in stock price. However, rumors of a scrapped low-cost EV project and intern offer withdrawals have caused a decline in stock price. The invitation to Warren Buffett to invest in Tesla has sparked investor interest and boosted the stock price. Analysts’ price target adjustments have also influenced the stock price movements. Overall, the stock price forecast for Tesla shows a short-term decrease but a long-term increase, reflecting the volatility and uncertainty surrounding the company’s future developments. Investors should closely monitor news and analyst recommendations to make informed decisions regarding their investments in Tesla stock.

TSLA-Tesla, Inc. Analyst Ratings

In recent analyst ratings for Tesla, Inc. stock, we have seen the following changes:

📉 Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft downgraded their rating from Buy to Hold and lowered the price target from $136.00 to $123.00.

📉 Piper Sandler lowered their price target from $225.00 to $205.00 but maintained an Overweight rating on the stock.

📈 Wedbush reaffirmed their Outperform rating and raised their price target to $275.00.

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