SNOW | 12 May 2024 | AI Stock Analysis & News

Snowflake Inc. (NYSE: SNOW) stock rose 2.1% amidst various legal actions and investor alerts.

Stock AI’s forecasts:
🔴 -0.1% short-term ⬇️
🟢 +1.1% long-term ⬆️

Stock AI’s (SNOW) Forecast get (+34.8% Profit)

StockAI’s analysis delivers real-world results. On 27 February 2024, $SNOW ($234.6), StockAI predicted a long-term 🔴 sell signal. It was accurate: 1 month later price dropped to $152.9 (🔴-34.8%). Selling SNOW on this signal yielded a +34.8% profit 💰💰.

SNOW-Snowflake Inc. News

🟢 Great Valley Advisor Group Inc. increased its position in SNOW by 64.3% in the 4th quarter.
🔴 downgraded SNOW from a “hold” to a “sell” rating.
🟢 Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. raised its position in SNOW by 5.8% in the 4th quarter.
🔴 Robbins LLP filed a class action Against SNOW on Behalf of Investors.
🟢 BNP Paribas upgraded shares of SNOW from a neutral rating to an outperform rating.
🔴 SNOW share price dropped 1.6% during mid-day trading on Wednesday.

Snowflake Inc. (SNOW) has been the subject of various news developments recently, with some positive and negative impacts on its stock price. The increase in position by Great Valley Advisor Group Inc. and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. has shown confidence in the company’s performance, leading to a positive outlook for investors. However, the downgrade by and the class action filed by Robbins LLP have created some uncertainty and negative sentiment in the market. BNP Paribas’ upgrade has provided some optimism, but the drop in share price on Wednesday indicates some volatility. Overall, these mixed developments have led to a fluctuation in SNOW’s stock price, with investors closely monitoring the situation for potential opportunities or risks in the future.

SNOW-Snowflake Inc. Analyst Ratings

In recent analyst ratings for Snowflake Inc. (NYSE: SNOW), we have seen a mix of upgrades and downgrades:

📉 downgraded Snowflake from a “hold” rating to a “sell” rating.
📈 BNP Paribas upgraded Snowflake from a neutral rating to an outperform rating.
📉 Citigroup decreased their price target on Snowflake.
📈 UBS Group increased their price target on Snowflake.

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