PFE – Pfizer Stock Analysis & News (22 Feb 2024)

Pfizer Inc. (PFE) has been making headlines in recent weeks, with the current price of PFE standing at 27.3. The weekly forecast for PFE is +3.2%, while the monthly forecast is +8.3%.

Stock AI forecasts:
– Monthly: 🟢+8.3
– Weekly: 🟢+3.2


Pfizer is a renowned pharmaceutical company that consistently releases earnings reports to provide investors with crucial information about its financial performance. The company’s stock has been trading at price levels last seen in 2016, but the 2025 forecast for PFE stock looks positive, with expectations for an increase over the medium to long term.

In other recent news, investors can expect changes to the Dow Jones Industrial Average next month, marking the first time in nearly four years. This could have an impact on Pfizer and other companies included in the index. Additionally, Cantor Fitzgerald has reiterated their overweight rating on Pfizer shares, with a price target of $45.00.

Pfizer recently reported a Q4 adjusted EPS of $0.10, beating expectations. The company is known for its innovative healthcare products, and investors closely follow Pfizer’s earnings reports to assess its financial performance. Analysts expect Pfizer to post earnings of ($0.17) per share for the quarter.

Looking ahead, Pfizer declared a quarterly dividend and released its earnings for the quarter. The company’s stock closed at $27.11 at the end of the trading session on February 14, with a 52-week price range of $25.76 to $43.37.

In terms of analyst recommendations, Pfizer has been given a consensus rating of “Hold” by seventeen research firms. Zacks Research reduced their Q3 2024 EPS estimates for Pfizer, while Leerink Partners adjusted their Q1 2024 EPS estimates.

Overall, Pfizer continues to be a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, and investors will be keeping a close eye on the company’s performance in the coming months. With positive forecasts for the stock, there may be opportunities for growth and potential returns for investors in the long run.

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