NVDA – Stock Analysis & News (2024-04-02)

NVDA-NVIDIA Corporation has been showing strong performance in recent weeks with the current price standing at 899.9. The long-term forecast indicates a positive trend with a forecast of +4.0% while the short-term forecast shows a slight increase of +1.2%.

🟢 NVIDIA Corporation shares closed lower on Monday after recording sharp gains in the recent period. The company’s stock gained around 19% over the past month, adding 78% year-to-date.

🔴 KeyCorp reaffirmed their overweight rating on shares of NVIDIA, indicating a positive outlook for the stock.

🟢 Wedbush reissued their outperform rating on NVIDIA, further supporting the bullish sentiment around the stock.

🔴 Citigroup raised NVIDIA’s price objective from $820.00 to $1,030.00, showing confidence in the stock’s potential for growth.

🟢 AXS 1.25X NVDA Bear Daily ETF fell 1.1% during mid-day trading on Tuesday, which could indicate some short-term volatility in the stock.

🔴 NVIDIA had its price target lifted by Piper Sandler from $850.00 to $1,050.00, reflecting ongoing positive sentiment from analysts.

The recent news surrounding NVIDIA Corporation stock has been a mix of positive and negative developments. While the stock has seen significant gains in recent weeks, there are also signs of potential volatility in the short term. The reaffirmed ratings from KeyCorp and Wedbush, as well as the price target upgrades from Citigroup and Piper Sandler, indicate a bullish outlook for the stock.

However, the slight decrease in the stock price on Monday and the mixed performance of AXS 1.25X NVDA Bear Daily ETF could lead to some short-term fluctuations. Investors should keep an eye on these developments and consider the overall positive sentiment from analysts when making investment decisions regarding NVDA stock.

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