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Cloudflare Inc’s stock price may face downward pressure following insider selling activities.

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NET-Cloudflare, Inc. News

🟢 Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince sold 52,384 shares of company stock, signaling confidence in future growth potential.

🔴 Cloudflare COO Michelle Zatlyn sold 25,640 shares, possibly indicating concerns about company performance.

🔴 Director Carl Ledbetter sold 10,015 shares, raising questions about insider sentiment.

🟢 Cloudflare receives “Hold” rating from 23 analysts, suggesting stability in the company’s outlook.

🟢 Cloudflare CFO Thomas J. Seifert sells 15,000 shares, demonstrating continued faith in the company’s financial health.

🔴 Pacer Advisors Inc. reduces stake in Cloudflare by 33.9%, potentially reflecting uncertainty in the market.

Cloudflare, Inc. stock has seen a mix of positive and negative news recently. The sales of shares by company executives like CEO Matthew Prince and CFO Thomas J. Seifert suggest confidence in the company’s future growth prospects. However, the sales by COO Michelle Zatlyn and Director Carl Ledbetter raise concerns about insider sentiment. Additionally, the reduction in stake by Pacer Advisors Inc. may indicate some uncertainty in the market. Overall, these developments could have a mixed impact on Cloudflare’s stock price in the short term, with some investors potentially feeling more bullish while others may approach with caution.

NET-Cloudflare, Inc. Analyst Ratings

Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE:NET) has been the subject of analyst ratings in recent months, with several firms providing their outlook on the stock. Here is a brief list of analyst ratings for Cloudflare:

📈 Mizuho cut their price target on Cloudflare shares from $105.00 to $95.00 but maintained a “neutral” rating on the stock.

📈 Cantor Fitzgerald reaffirmed their neutral rating on Cloudflare stock and kept their price objective at $100.00.

📉 Pacer Advisors Inc. reduced their stake in Cloudflare during the fourth quarter, according to their most recent 13F filing with the SEC.

📈 Duality Advisers LP acquired a new position in Cloudflare stock during the fourth quarter.

📉 SG Americas Securities LLC trimmed their stake in Cloudflare by 77.5% during the fourth quarter.

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