HWM | 20 May 2024 | AI Stock Analysis & News

Howmet Aerospace Inc. beats earnings expectations, leading to a surge in stock price.

Stock AI’s forecasts:
🔴 -8.8% short-term ⬇️
🔴 -6.3% long-term ⬇️

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StockAI’s analysis delivers real-world results. On 17 January 2024, $HWM ($53.3), StockAI predicted a long-term 🟢 buy signal. It was accurate: 1 month later price increased to $68.96 (🟢29.4%). Buying HWM on this signal yielded a +29.4% profit 💰💰.

HWM-Howmet Aerospace Inc. News

🟢 Howmet Aerospace beats earnings expectations with reported EPS of $0.57, leading to increased investor confidence.
🔴 Barclays raises price target from $65.00 to $85.00, indicating positive outlook for the stock.
🟢 Axxcess Wealth Management LLC buys 6,990 shares of HWM stock, showing increased interest from institutional investors.
🔴 Short interest in Howmet Aerospace increases by 13.3% in April, potentially signaling bearish sentiment from some investors.
🟢 Swiss National Bank reduces stake in HWM by 3.1%, possibly indicating profit-taking after recent price gains.
🔴 California Public Employees Retirement System lowers stake in Howmet Aerospace by 4.9%, possibly due to concerns about future performance.

Howmet Aerospace Inc. stock has been experiencing a mix of positive and negative news recently, leading to fluctuations in its price. The company’s better-than-expected earnings report has boosted investor confidence, leading to a price increase. Additionally, the raised price target from Barclays indicates a positive outlook for the stock, further supporting the price increase. However, the increase in short interest and the reduction in stake by some institutional investors may have a negative impact on the stock price, as it could signal bearish sentiment and profit-taking. It will be important for investors to monitor these developments closely to assess the overall impact on Howmet Aerospace Inc. stock in the short and long term.

HWM-Howmet Aerospace Inc. Analyst Ratings

In recent analyst ratings for Howmet Aerospace Inc. (NYSE:HWM) stock, we have seen a mix of upgrades and downgrades:

📈 Barclays raised the price target on HWM stock from $65.00 to $85.00 and maintained an overweight rating.

📉 The Goldman Sachs Group increased the price target on HWM stock from $77.00 to $87.00.

📈 Argus boosted the price target on HWM stock from $75.00 to $90.00.

These changes in analyst ratings reflect a positive sentiment towards Howmet Aerospace Inc. and its future prospects.

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