AMD – Stock Analysis & News (2024-03-31)

AMD-Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. stock has been on a positive trend lately, with the current price standing at 180.2. The stock has a weekly forecast of (-4.1%) and a monthly forecast of (+5.8%).

– Weekly forecast: 🔴 (-4.1%)
– Monthly forecast: 🟢 (+5.8%)

Recent News and Impact on Price Expectation:

🟢 Dell Technologies Inc. is emerging as a beneficiary of the artificial-intelligence trend, which has been positive for chip stocks like Nvidia Corp. and AMD. This news could potentially boost AMD’s stock price.

🔴 Ballast Inc. decreased its holdings in AMD by 1.8% in the 4th quarter, which could indicate some selling pressure on the stock.

🟢 upgraded AMD from a “sell” rating to a “hold” rating, which could attract more investors to the stock.

🟢 Mizuho raised AMD’s price target from $200.00 to $235.00, indicating optimism about the company’s future performance.

🔴 Insider selling of AMD shares could potentially lead to a short-term dip in the stock price.

🟢 Appleton Partners Inc. purchased a new stake in AMD, showing confidence in the company’s growth prospects.

In summary, the recent news surrounding AMD has been a mix of positive and negative developments. While some factors like Dell’s AI trend and Mizuho’s price target raise are bullish for the stock, insider selling and decreased holdings by institutions could put some pressure on the stock price. Overall, the long-term outlook for AMD seems positive, but short-term fluctuations may occur based on market sentiment and company-specific news. Investors should keep an eye on these factors to make informed decisions about their AMD holdings.

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